Created: 2016

This large-scale house is characterized by its compactness and minimalism in its realization. It is also characteristic of the atrium, which creates a rest zone between the living area and the sleeping area where the bedrooms are located in the back of the house. The generous 421m2 of built-up area indicates the size of this house, which is designed for a large family with a home-based business space. The bathroom in the central part of the house is quite unconventional. A workroom/office and a guest room indicate the possibility of using the house for other than family activities as well. The main living area of the house is fully open from two sides and leads from the terrace to the semi-detached house. The house is dominated by large glass surfaces that illuminate the interior and give it a luxurious touch. Simple, clean white exterior complements the warm wooden trim that fits in the natural and urban areas as well.