Petrol station Benzina - exteriors that do not age.


End Client: Unipetrol - Benzina 

Contractor: ISA Praha

Created: 2006 - 2008

Benzina petrol station design is a timeless demonstration of a functional solution. The client wished to follow up on the Orlen Group brand and still maintain what makes Benzina the Czech leader. Tradition, stability and strong values. We have designed a comprehensive design of the exteriors of all Benzina and Benzina Plus filling stations in the Czech Republic, which counts more than a hundred locations that still remain unchanged today. The system was designed technically unique by using innovative roofing technology in its time, which allows the roof to be modularly composed of components made of bent dibond to match the various shapes and space solutions of the gas stations. Only the details were originally designed in the interiors, otherwise they were equipped with standard furniture available in stores.