Bur means "spin" in Turkish. Bur as a burek and also Burkies as its westernized form tuned to popular English. This is the basic premise of the brand, which combines the best of its Eastern heritage and the Western world. The brand carries the movement of the dough, its rotation and rolling into thin layers. It spins, creating new flavors and aromas inspired by the West

and Czech preferences. Colors evoke appetite, attract with their contrast

and unique morphology. It brings freedom, it attracts to development, to the path.

year: 2020

client: Semag sro

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Burkies is not just a brand. It's also a lifestyle ...

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Like the Earth, the Burkies revolve around their axis, as does our dynamic life, creating spirals in it. It brings from its foundation a tornado of excellent non-traditional flavors. In the brand, we connect the product with space, inspiration

Even tradition, spinning evokes movement, fun, speed and uniqueness. The circular basis refers to tradition, spinning the dough for speed, movement, entrepreneurship and fun. It was created that way

also the slogan "Just Roll", which amplifies the idea and complements the overall communication of the brand in a playful and free form.

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and communication

In addition to the brand, we also designed a comprehensive identity for the client at Burkies, we developed a number of packaging, including the development of our own unique and standardized ones, and we recommended a comprehensive communication style to the client. This created an extensive manual and a number of applications that help the brand communicate clearly.

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Alena Kučerová

marketing manager, SEMAG sro

In the beginning was the word, and the word was from Andrew! The moment he said "Burkies", we knew that Alice and Ondrej are the right people we want to do with "Burkies". Gastronomy is an area associated with emotions and emotions also accompanied the birth of our brand. Emotions in the best sense of the word. We started on a green field, ie from the brand name, logo, the whole visual, packaging… and we will slowly move towards retail. Energy, sensitive creative invention, art: hitting the black, professionalism and personal approach are just some

from fragments of cooperation, due to which we would definitely recommend the Brádka design studio.