Who we are?

We are a small family based studio that is not afraid of big challenges. Whether it is the creation of an entire new brand,  development of a retail concept or an ideal office. The design of the interior or your product is in the right hands with us. We are a family studio working in cooperation with external team of partners and cooworkers, who are carefully selected for each specific project so that the result is simply perfect. We always offer a unique team for a unique result under the creative leadership of Ondřej Brádka.


How do we work?

Sometimes we turn the worng way on the road. Sometimes it's a direct route to hit the target. But our work is always the result of a (long) journey of knowledge, mutual understanding, empathy and a goal driven energy. With an accurate shot at the end.
It somewhat looks like this ...

Bradka_mapa 001.jpg

Our values

Ethics and decency, inner empathy and mutual understanding, listening and partnership. Open mind. Aesthetics. A sense for detail.
We communicate professionally, and therefore humanly. And also promptly.


Our clients

prague airport white.jpg