Meet the new O2 stores.
This is sales of the future.


"The important life values are in a circle. Circle creates life. With a big bang, in the interior of the planet, in the woman's womb, in the dew, at the wink of an eye. It arises from the depth of the circle that is the bearer of life. Everything is organic and round. Everything is close to the shape of a circle. Circle is an emotional tool that combines powerful values that create an endless cycle. The cycle of life."

"The New Dimension of Mobile Services Purchasing"

"People need to face a true shopping experience, they are no longer enjoying still boring shopping

and long waits. They want more. "



The design of the store should be, what will engulf you, excite you, and draw you blindly in.

Into its bowels. It invites you with its friendliness, openness, attractive appearance, pleasant colours that match the brand, the concept.

Not with  some inconstant trend, but with originality, timelessness, ideas, emotions. And also services that must be appreciated by the customer. This is the cocktail, which is mixed

in the new O2 stores.


"I've been thinking about what would make people feel positively tuned, about a solution that is unparalleled in the world of technology and services in our country."

"That's why I created a design based on the original dominant circular element, which has

a strong emotional effect and attracts the customer with a natural look. In the center of all and across the store space. "

Simply return

to the roots.

Value added

Not just the new look but also many functional elements and equipment make O2 stores  with high added value.

Emotions supply the whole center with lights, greenery and original circular elements.

In an ideal shop, the circle is an interactive centerpiece, which by its soft movement

and returning to nature pulls in. The lights then evoke the starry sky full of sparkling energy.

O2 combines the future with the basic values of a mankind and returns to the essence of everything. From the position of the technology giant, not only perceives the basic values of life, but also wants to show its customers and the world through an attractive window in the shape of a circle that is representing services and access to the customer's true nature.



The system of modular wall elements and spatial equipment allows easily change or modify the shop layout according to specific needs of each venue.

Wall panels can be simply removed and moved to the opposite wall of the store, or replace them with new ones.

We can easily modify the store according to current needs. Of course, the concept offers a modular solution for small and large venues, older or new buildings, in shopping centers.

The store also caters for its high ergonomics, comfort for both, the operator

and the customer, the availability and quick possibility of changing the displayed goods, including the highest possible degree of product security.

Greenery in the store

Greenery is a lively and functional element that brings comfort to the interior, originality and natural relaxation.

Plant strips surround the entrance to the shop and create

a soothing wall in the back.

This is the new concept of the O2 stores.

Find out more at the first O2 stores around the country.

End Customer: O2 Czech Republic

Contractor: MORIS design  /  O2 Czech Republic

Created: 2017 - 2018