The development of a network of gas stations is a complex and long-term process that requires close cooperation between the client and the designers. In the case of the GAS Slovakia Pumpa network, we have had a journey hampered not only by the distance, but also by the crisis, which did not allow us to follow the usual procedures associated with personal meetings with the client and suppliers. Nevertheless, we managed to design, develop and implement a unique retail concept for the interiors and exteriors of the network, which is very different from the common petrol stations, and yet they work very well. Stop at the Pumpa and try it yourself.


We were inspired by the old one

and good ...

As a part of the concept, we revived old crafts and still used modern materials, which, however, have their roots in our past.
Neon, terrazzo, artistic author's sculptures, corrugated metal sheets, or fake leather seats as from the iconic Škoda 1000 MB ...All in today's technologically advanced and ergonomically sophisticated design.

The concept thus acquired the required subliminal retro touch and got out of the usual customs we know from traditional gas stations.
It gained the hallmark of unusualness and memorability.

We do not remind of the old days, we only revive the values ...


Pumpa offers an unusual solution
within the petrol segment

Bring more than the competition while differentiating yourself. Distinguish yourself both visually and moodily. The key at the Pumpa retail concept is to connect quality services with emotions for the desired target customer group. These are just supported by the mood in the interior and a certain degree of subliminal perception of some details.

Behind that corrugated metal fence is the good neighbor who has that great soul ... and a great coffee.

Prvotní skici
Kávová zóna

Development of elements
and prototyping

For Pumpa, we provided and supervised the complete preparation of selected prototypes, which were installed in Bratislava showroom. Here we managed to go over all details with the client, we tested a lot and together confirmed that it pays off to prototype for larger design concepts.We have prepared a complete package of pre-production data for the implementation of a pilot gas station and a complete retail design manual.

ll this for the most part at a distance, with covid in the back ...

Materiálové schéma
Originální autorské plastiky
Design manuál
Opláštění fasády shopu
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Juraj Opálka

Marketing Manager

GAS Slovakia

In cooperation with the Brádka-design studio, we especially appreciate flexibility, reliability, very good and especially fast communication. The studio is able to provide us with the required and in many respects specific services in the required range and quality.